Task Force
Information Technology and the Forest Sector

Prof. Sten Nilsson, Austria


IUFRO Division Contacts:
 Division 1 – Designated: John Parrotta, USDA Forest Service, Research and Development, Arlington (USA)
 Division 2 – To be named
 Division 3 – Designated: Hideo Sakai, University Forest in Chichibu, University of Tokyo (Japan)
 Division 4 – Designated: Alan Thomson, Canadian Forestry Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, B.C. (Canada)
 Division 5 – Designated: Richard P. Vlosky, Forest Products Marketing, School of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University (USA)
 Division 6 – Designated: Carol Green, Forest Resources Library, University of Washington, Seattle (USA)
 Division 7 – Designated: Katsumi Togashi, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University (Japan)
 Division 8 – To be named

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