Task Force
Public Relations in Forest Science

Dr. Max KROTT, Germany

Daniela KRUMLAND, Germany
Cynthia MINER, United States

Terms of Reference

At the XXI IUFRO World Congress in Malaysia the new Task Force "Public Relations for Forest Sciences" came into being.

The increasing importance of the media within politics creates the challenge for forest sciences either to meet the demands of the media and the public or to lose significant influence. The new Task Force will help IUFRO to play a key role in strengthening the position of forest sciences in the media and in public.

The Task Force is aimed at evaluating the current activities in public relations of IUFRO and its members which are institutions as well as scientists. Based on this the Task Force will develop instruments and activities in Public Relations in cooperation with both, on the one hand the leading bodies of IUFRO and on the other hand the scientists and teams.

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